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How We Teach

Explicit Instruction:

Content-specific, sequential, and logical. Teachable moments throughout the lesson enable errors to be corrected through redirection rather than allowing mistakes to become ingrained or stigmatized.

Active Participation:

Constant use of mind, voice, and hands throughout the lesson assures attention management and involvement. Purposeful introduction and summarization provide segment closure and support a successful transition.

What We Teach

Teach STEAM concepts to help school-aged youth and adults learn how to solve challenges and make better life decisions.


Teach acceptance, inclusion, and camaraderie plus lessons that translate to all aspects of life.


Teach self-responsibility and how self-responsibility impacts a group/community.

Our Programs



Recreational Program

 SWISH U 4YOU is a fun interactive adaptive program that allows school-aged youth and adults who have graduated high school or are at least 20-30 years of age to work in a group with staff on educational and recreational activities that translate to responsibility and how self-responsibility impacts a group/community. 

All SWISH programs are open to the public and to people with all abilities.



General Education
Development Program

EDGEucation™️ at SWISH U is our signature support teaching program that gives our champions the edge [advantage] in learning.  We teach your champion how to apply the SWISH U principles - organic learning, study, and recall.

All SWISH programs are open to the public and to people with all abilities.

Registration Is Now Open!

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide inclusive programming and services for school-aged youth and adults that is both innovative and effective that fosters identity, independence, productivity and diversity.


SWISH Success Stories

“Thank you so much for your dedication and support. This was an experience my son will never forget.”

Sara Bryant

“I thought 90 min. of class was going to be to long. But as I sat and watched the interaction and laughter from the other room. I knew my children was in the right virtual environment.

Thank you so much for the support.”

Barbera Cross

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